The Dirty Bottles Taproom, Smokehouse & Inn

Narrowgate, Alnwick, NE66 1JG    ph:01665 606193
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The Dirty Bottles or as the locals in Alnwick, Northumberland say it, 'Thi Dorty Bottles', has been open for over two centuries and the building is thought to have been constructed in the 1600'sThe pub was previously called Ye Old Cross Inn but due to the famous "Curse of the Dirty Bottles", local Alnwick folk adopted that name and we have continued with that tradition. 

This iconic freehouse pub now looks, feels and tastes different to anything else in Northumberland, with some sophisticated bar/restaurant technology in the North of England installed in the form of self-service beer pumps, tasting walls and ordering booths

You can even pour your own pint's from taps installed on the table!

We're known for our smokehouse platters, 'build your own' burgers and creative cocktails. Everything is prepared on site using fresh ingredients by our team of experienced chef's and mixologists

Northumberland EATS says... It's alwaysfeast at The Dirty Bottles, big portions, lots of choice and we love the nachos.
Build your own burgers, create your own slow cooked meat platters and add your own sides. Fab Sunday lunch, great childrens menu and there's dog friendly areas in the bar too. There's self service beer pumps, tasting walls and iPad ordering booths and a quirky roof terrace to enjoy a cocktail or two, in the sun. Probably the trendiest eaterie in Alnwick. 
 The Curse of the Dirty Bottles...
Legend has it that, two centuries ago, the innkeeper dropped dead while interfering with the bottles in the window. His widow declared that anyone who did likewise would suffer the same fate. As a result, the “Dirty Bottles” were sealed between two windows and have lain untouched ever since

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