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I'm on a quest to launch the Northumberland Cake Trail...it can't be that hard, can it?

As a dedicated cake, scone, tray-bake and afternoon tea lover, I have wanted to bring the Northumberland Cake Trail to life for a while now.

2018 shall be the year of it's launch! ( number 8 is supposed to be very lucky isn't it?well in Chinese culture, so that'll do!)

So my experience in working in the tourism market in Northumberland and running Northumberland EATS has shown me how the ruralness of our fab county affects how foodie businesses operate. The high season with the over flow of tourists, the low season with the cold cold weather. Also our vast rural county dotted with many market towns, villages and hamlets, makes it hard for many places to rely on locals, as there's not that many of them want to venture far in the Winter

I live in a hamlet! only 7 houses and there was nothing I could walk too for the past 8 yrs. Until last year! a purpose built very classy coffee and gift shop opened, down the lane from my house, a sheer minute walk to enter food heaven. I don't think coffee shop is the right description for it though, their tag line is EAT-RELAX-SHOP. They serve the best salted caramel brownies I have ever tasted. I hope they join the Northumberland Cake Trail, so I can tell you a lot more about them.

Anyway, last month I set up a Northumberland Cake Trail event page (24k reach so far) on my Northumberland EATS Facebook page. Asked for recommendations from my followers, encouraged engagement and could see that people were very positive about hearing more about CAKE!

I researched and then emailed 50 businesses across Northumberland, all handpicked by me, that I know serve top class cakes, scones and afternoon tea. I told them of my vision, added my Cake Trail image and asked if I could meet with them to discuss all things CAKE!

I have had a few meeting, but most of them take place in the next couple of weeks. I will be letting you know how I get on...I'm on a quest!

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